My clients come to me when they are done DIY-ing their book proposal.


When they decide they’re not playing around anymore.

When they decide to commit to themselves. 

When they decide to prioritize their book.

When they decide to do a hard thing and ask for help to make it happen.


What happens when you decide to make this book happen?

What you get when we work together on your book proposal:

Your Book Proposal Cheerleader

When it gets hard. (And it will.) I will remind you why you’re doing this. We will get there together and I will have your back.

Editorial Feedback

You’ll get my feedback work on your work at every step in the process so you can refine as you go.

Book Project Partnership

From start to finish, I will be there 110% for you. I will hold the vision for your book, and the importance it holds for you. 

1:1 Attention

I will answer all your questions — including the late night email worries. (p.s. I’m also a certified life coach. I’ve got you. laughing)

The Honest Truth

You can expect honest feedback (with care). If your draft needs more work, I will tell you. If your draft is amazing, you really should believe me. 

Editorial Path Guidance

If you want to consider self-publishing, or if you’re struggling with which agent to go with, I will tell you what you need to know to make an informed decision. 

Let’s work together!

Proposal-to-Pitch is my signature one-on-one, nonfiction book proposal program.

We’ll work together one-on-one for about six months to develop and pitch your nonfiction book proposal.

Learn more about Proposal-to-PItch 1:1 >

Blueprint for Your Book is a 6-week one-on-one plan for exactly what your book will be.

Go from an idea you’re excited about to a clear, complete, and compelling Blueprint Plan for your book!

Learn more about Blueprint for Your Book >

VIP Day is a solid day dedicated to you & your book.

Instead of trying to cram “book idea time” into your already overcrowded days, set aside a day of dedicated time and space to think, focus, brainstorm together and write forward. 

Learn more about a VIP Day >

Not sure which option is right for you? Let's chat.

Book Coaching FAQs

How is a book coach different from an editor?

In the old days of publishing, writers developed close mentor-like relationships with their editors. Now, editors have dozens, if not hundreds of writers and books they are responsible for and those days of ongoing dialog and editorial feedback are over.

Publishing houses will often provide the services of a developmental editor to work with a writer once they are signed, but that doesn’t help with the book proposal.

A book coach works with a writer throughout the process of developing a book proposal or writing a book. A book coach helps guide the overall book proposal and story archolding the big picture of the book. Most importantly a book coach works with a writer before the book is written, which is different from any type of editor who will review and provide feedback after the writing is complete.

A book coach is skilled in the writing process, is an expert in publishing, leads the management of the project to keep a writer on track, and provides editorial feedback along the entire process.

Generally, when working with a book coach you will edit as you go, coming away with a near-final work at the end instead of a draft that then needs multiple rounds of editing and re-writes.

More questions? Contact me anytime!

What kinds of people do you work with?

As a nonfiction book coach I work with people (generally, but not always women) who want to write a book. In nonfiction (traditional publishing), this starts with a book proposal which is submitted to literary agents for consideration.

I specialize in personal development and business books with a fresh take — and authors tend to come from the worlds of coaching, therapy/counseling, entrepreneurism, academia and nonprofit.

What my authors all share is a deep desire to share their POV and make an impact.

Questions? Schedule a free consult.

I'm not sure if I should self-publish my book or go the traditional publishing route. And what's hybrid publishing? Can you help me decide?

Yes, I can help you decide. The route you take will depend upon your subject matter, audience, and most importantly your objectives for your book.

Traditional publishing is the route where you will formally submit your book proposal to agents for consideration and if they decide to work with you they will send it out to publishing houses.

Self-publishing is what it sounds like. You handle everything yourself including distribution.

The newest addition to the field is hybrid publishing which is self-publishing plus. You cover the costs to publish your book, but you also get a team of support to help you make it as successful as possible. There are a number of reputable hybrid publishers to consider.

I recommend you develop a thorough proposal for self or hybrid publishing as it will help you exponentially in building the foundation for your book.

If you’d like to discuss more, schedule a 30 minute free consult.

Is publishing dying? Should I bother trying to publish a book?

We’ve been hearing that publishing is dying for more than two decades now, and it’s still going strong.  But publishing does continue to evolve and change.

The days of book tours and big advances are not entirely gone, but most authors are expect to handle much of their own marketing and audience development/platform building.

Audio books and e-books continue to grow, but traditional books are still big business. Even independent bookstores, once expected to disappear forever are experiencing a resurgance as readers desire local, non-big box connections.

Questions? Schedule a free consult.

I've already written my nonfiction book. Can you still help me with my book proposal?

Absolutely. Though I like to mention that you may encounter aspects of your manuscript you will want to re-work based on the proposal.  There is no fee difference from a standard book proposal project.

If you have a project like this, schedule a consult and we can discuss.

What genres do you coach?

I coach all forms of nonfiction. My specialty areas are personal development, self-help, how to, business, leadership and entrepreneurism.

I coach the book proposal for memoir, but if you are seeking a book coach for the memoir itself, I may refer you to a colleague. But don’t hesitate to reach out!

Questions? Schedule a free consult.

I'm writing a novel. Do you coach fiction?

I do not coach fiction, but I have some wonderful colleagues who do!

Contact me and share a little about your manuscript and I can connect you with some other book coaches who will suit your needs.


I've already written all or part of my book proposal. Can you help me finish or revise it?

Yes. Whether you are mid-way through, or have finished your book proposal but are not getting a positive response when you’ve queried it with agents, I can help.

Schedule a 30 minute consult and we can discuss your project and what type of coaching arrangement might meet your needs.