Your #1 goal is to write your nonfiction book.

You may not be ready to write just yet, but what are you doing to prepare?

Committing to writing your book requires you to do some heavy lifting.

  • You need to clear the decks and make room in your life for your book project.
  • You need to be crystal clear on what you’re writing about.
  • You need to know who your audience is and be working to develop a following in your space.
  • You need to know where your book idea fits among all the rest and what it adds to the conversation.

All these things take an immense amount of emotional time, effort, planning and thought 

And in the midst of a global pandemic, with remote school, working from home and who knows what awful news story of the day it can be nearly impossible to find the room and space for any of those things. 

Yet if your goal is to someday make this “Book Thing” happen pandemic or not carving out some dedicated time and space for your book is truly a must-do.

And that’s where the Give Your Book Idea Some Love VIP Day comes in.


Instead of trying to cram “book idea time” into your already overcrowded days, set aside a day of dedicated time and space to think, focus, brainstorm together, and write forward. 


Your #1 goal is to write your nonfiction book. How would it feel to actually put a giant stake in the ground and spend a day focused on your book?!?

Amazing? Scary? Overwhelming? Exciting?

I get it. Actually doing something about this book idea, it’s sure to bring up every single one of your worries…

“Is my book idea even good enough?”

“Could I even get published?”

“Um, the longest thing I’ve ever written is a blog.”

“Who am I kidding, I’m not an expert in XYZ?”

And you know what else….this is 100% normal. The stuff we want the most it brings up all our sh*t.

And yet it doesn’t mean we should turn the other way.

“The best thing about working [with Vanessa] has been getting much clearer language when it comes to what the book is, what it’s about, its mission, and the people it’s designed to serve. These gems give me greater facility and confidence when talking (or even thinking!) about my book project…. I could have DIY-ed this, and thought about doing so. I’m really glad I didn’t, because I’d still be writing myself in circles.” – Christy T.

Christy T.


I’m Vanessa Soto. I’m a book coach who helps first-time authors with a POV and dreams of publishing a nonfiction book to get their book idea out of their head, and into a standout book proposal. 

“I found your Book Idea workshop super helpful. I was inspired to look past the idea I have for my “1st book” (the safe, boring business book) to the book I really want to write.” 

Heather H.

What Happens in a Give Your Book Idea Some Love VIP Day 

3 Your VIP Day is a flexible yet structured combination of live 1:1 coaching, creative thinking and writing time, plus brainstorming and planning time so you will know exactly what to do next after our day together.


What to expect:


Time to Get Clear on Your Book Idea

Whether you’re already feeling uber clear on your book idea, or you have half a dozen ideas and you don’t know which one to go with together we will drill down into what really matters about your concept, hone it, and find the areas you want to focus on, and expand into more in your work.


Strategic Brainstorming 

If you are thinking about traditional publishing or self-publishing… either way you need to know your reader.

After all, how will you sell your book itself if you don’t know who is going to want to read it? We will spend time getting clarity on your primary audience and also how you can build your social media platform and email marketing to connect with them in ways that feel authentic and do-able to you.


Goal Setting and Planning 

We will close out the day with an actionable plan to help you move forward with your book in whatever way that looks like for you.

This could be a plan for building writing into your daily routine, how you will expand your social media platform to reach more of your future readers or a step-by-step process for moving forward with your book proposal.

We’ll brainstorm together and then I will follow up with a written plan after our day together. 


The Details:

  • Advance strategy and planning prep session
  • 5 hour day with a mix of 1:1 time via Zoom, writing time, brainstorming and breaks(!)
  • Scheduled on a Friday or Saturday
  • Fee: $1,200 USD  (flexible payment plans available)

3 hour Mini-VIP Day also available for $750 USD.  Questions? Hit me up!


Ready to get started?  Email me and we can schedule your day.

Give Your Book Idea Some Love

You’re super excited about your book idea and it’s your #1 goal.  But it’s going nowhere fast…

A VIP Day is the perfect way for you to give it some love AND get the tailwinds you need to bring this baby to life!


What if I want to work on my book proposal, can we do that?

Short answer is yes we can absolutely use this time to get going on your book proposal if that is your goal. Longer answer is I work over six months with 1:1 book proposal clients so we will identify a container for what can be accomplished in our six hours together.

Will we be on Zoom together nonstop for six hours? That seems like a lot.

No, and I agree that would be a lot! As an introvert myself I find 90 minutes to be the max for quality Zoom time. We will break up the day between 1:1 time and break out time when I will give you writing and/or mini-research assignments to work on. We will also take multiple breaks as needed.

How will I schedule my VIP Day?

Email me and we will find the day that suits us both.

I will be taking one VIP Day client a month on Fridays and Saturdays between 8-5 pacific time. We will coordinate the best time together based on our individual schedules. 

What if I prefer to work over a period of time instead of one day?

I would love to work with you over a period of time. Check out my 6-week Blueprint for Your Book program if you are looking to get clarity on the foundation of your book. 

If you are further along and ready to start your book proposal, look at my signature Proposal-to-Pitch program.

If you are not sure what is best for you reach out, or book a 30 minute free consultation.