Season 2, Episode 2

How to Create Quality Time for Your Book Project


Notes from this episode:

This is the second episode in my series on common obstacles that keep you from working on your book project.

In this episode, I’m digging into the idea of not having enough time, and challenging you to think about IF you in fact did have more time would really use it to do serious, focused, committed work on your book, or might you instead find yourself going down an Instagram rabbit hole?

So instead of just finding more “time”, what I talk about is creating “Quality Time”.

7 thought-starters for creating Quality Time for your book project that we talk about are:

1. Be clear with yourself what your Quality Time is for

2. Get support for your Quality Time

3. Get inspiration for your Quality Time

4. Decide where Quality Time takes place

5. Don’t be skimpy with your Quality Time

6. Protect your Quality Time

7. Unplug (ish) during your Quality Time

Resources I mentioned:

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