Can you believe it, we’re nearly mid-way through the year! And if you’re anything like me, way back in January you made a list of goals. 

Amongst my clients, the list usually includes things like “prioritize your book project” and “write book proposal” on it. Now it’s almost July. How are you feeling about your progress?

I hope, amazing. And, if not — that’s ok too.

Because while it’s halfway through the year, we still have the other half left! We still have six months to re-commit and re-focus on any goals that we may have gotten away from us.

There are a lot of very real and legit reasons why we let our big and important goals slip away from us. 

And when it comes to creative pursuits that also have deep meaning to us, like writing a book, there are a few obstacles that I see come up almost universally (including with myself!) — and those are: 

  • Feelings of self doubt around your level of “expertise” to write on your topic
  • Finding and making time to prioritize your book
  • Developing clarity (and confidence) in your book idea 

I’m going to be digging into these topics and more over the next few months. Watch this space for actionable insights here and on my podcast.  

And if you want to re-prioritize your book to the top of your list, work through your obstacles, and make some SOLID progress on your book project, stat, schedule a VIP Day.

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