One-on-One Book Proposal coaching is the solution that gets your book project off the back burner—and on track to pitching agents in the next 6 months.


Are you ready to commit to yourself and your book idea, and make this book proposal happen?

Writing a book proposal is a difficult, complex project.

It’s like writing a business plan for your book.

The typical nonfiction book proposal is about 50-70 written pages, including:

  • Detailed overview of your concept
  • Market and competitive analysis
  • Thorough and unique marketing plan
  • Detailed table of contents
  • Two polished sample chapters

And then there’s pitching. Researching agents, developing a query letter, sending 30+ queries out. 

And then wondering if you’re doing it all right….

 Welcome to Proposal-to-Pitch. A one-on-one coaching program to guide you in developing your nonfiction book proposal and support you in pitching it to literary agents and editors.

Get a proven 5-step approach:


#1. Get Clarity on Your Idea

Know precisely what you’re writing about, why, and who it’s for. This helps you and helps your idea stand out in the marketplace.

#2. Develop your Foundation

Develop the foundation for your book including a full roadmap of your proposal and first draft sample chapters.

#3. Design Your Entire Book Proposal

Write your complete book proposal including compelling and unique marketing plan and edit your sample chapters

#4. Refine and polish your Book Proposal

Revise and edit with my support to make sure the entire package is pitch-ready!

#5. Pitch Agents and/or Editors

Review a curated agent and/or editor list and align our pitch strategy and draft and polish your pitch materials.

What to Expect: 

  • Work together virtually, over about six months with deadlines every two weeks.
  • You will receive written feedback for every deadline. Monthly 60-90 minute reviews over Zoom.
  • Ongoing email support between deadlines to keep you on track and moving along.
  • You get my eyes and ears on your work for the entirety of our project. I am invested in you.

Fee for Proposal-to-Pitch is $8,900 USD

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