Your book idea, it’s starting to keep you up at night.

You feel deeply that you must write this book.


But, you’re also really busy.

You’ve got lots of other priorities…


So, that book idea—it’s going to stay on the back burner—until you decide to commit to it.

What’s holding you up is not time.


(I know you know how to make time when you want to.)

What’s holding you up are all those feelings, thoughts and worries about what it means to believe that you have a Big Idea valuable enough to be a book.


   So, here’s the deal.

Writing your book proposal is about a whole lot more than writing a book proposal. It’s about:


Committing to yourself and committing to your idea.

Feeling all those fears and worries, and doing it anyway.

Going all in on this project even if it means a dozen rounds of revisions.

 Recognizing when you need the help and guidance of an expert.

Are you ready to commit to yourself and your Big Idea and make this book proposal happen?

There’s no way around it.

Writing a book proposal is difficult.


Even for very experienced writers, a book proposal is an overwhelming project. 

A book proposal is like a business plan for your book.

The typical nonfiction book proposal is about 50-70 written pages, including:

  • Detailed overview of you and your concept
  • Market and competitive analysis
  • Thorough and unique marketing plan
  • Detailed table of contents
  • Two polished sample chapters

And then there’s pitching. Researching agents, developing a query letter, sending 20+ queries out. 

It’s a lot!



Proposal-to-Pitch is my one-on-one coaching program to help you develop your nonfiction book proposal and pitch it to literary agents and editors.


A personalized 5 step approach:

#1. Get Clarity

Know precisely what you’re writing about, why, and who it’s for. This helps you and helps your idea stand out in the marketplace.

#2. Make Decisions

Understand your options and get the amount of guidance you need to determine the right publishing path for you (traditional, hybrid, self).

#3. Craft Your Marketing Plan

Get guidance developing a marketing plan that is unique to you and your book and feels good to execute.

#4. Writing & Editing

You will write two sample chapters and receive editorial feedback. These will be fine-tuned chapters that showcase your idea and set the  foundation for your actual book.

#5 Pitching

I’ll be your partner all the way through the pitch process. You’ll get help with your query letters and support as you pitch.

What you can expect when we work together:

How we’ll work:

  • Virtually, over a period of about four months.
  • We’ll move through the process with deadlines every two weeks.
  • Written editorial feedback for every deadline.
  • Monthly 60-90 minute coaching call over Zoom
  • Unlimited email support.

What the process looks like:

Month 1: Foundation Work. Refine and develop your idea, audience and marketing approach.

Months 2-3: Book Proposal Development. The entire proposal and sample chapters.

Month 4: Pitch Time.  I’ll provide your customized agent list and support you through pitching!

What you’ll come away with:

  • A complete, polished book proposal package you can feel confident pitching to literary agents and editors.
  • Your proposal will include all the required elements, a through and unique marketing plan, and two sample chapters.
  • Customized list of literary agents hand-picked just for you and your particular book idea.
  • Guidance in developing your query letter, and support throughout the pitching process.
  • Publishing expertise and ad hoc support as you work with agents and editors,

Get on my 1:1 Wait List

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