Wondering if I’m the right book coach for you?

Here’s what some of my clients and workshop participants have to say.

Karen Johnston

Sober Coach & Retreat Leader

Book Project:  1:1 Proposal-to-Pitch

Genre: Self-help/how to

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“My experience of having Vanessa Soto as a book coach has been nothing short of incredible. In a really quite short amount of time, I’ve been able to take my book from what was probably not a very organized idea into a proposal that is kind of beyond anything that I could imagine. It has so much more depth than I ever thought possible.”

Christy Tennery-Spalding

Activist, Educator & Writer

Book Project:  1:1 Proposal-to-Pitch

Genre: Self-help/how to

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“Before working with Vanessa I had a lack of confidence in doing the proposal process alone. I needed someone less close to the project to help make sure that it was clear and able to be translated into a proposal for people outside of my immediate student base. I was also uncertain of the timeline and how to know when the proposal would be ready to go out, along with a lack of clarity on where/when/how to query.

The best thing about working together has been getting much clearer language when it comes to what the book is, what it’s about, its mission, and the people it’s designed to serve. These gems give me greater facility and confidence when talking (or even thinking!) about my book project.

As someone who was very clear on what the book would be before I began the process, working with Vanessa has illuminated so many pieces of the project that I knew existed, but hadn’t found words for yet. The excavation that we have done together has helped me become a better advocate for this book, in a way that I’m confident will help get it into the world.

I could have DIY-ed this, and thought about doing so. I’m really glad I didn’t, because I’d still be writing myself in circles.”

Heather Hall Leadership Coach

Heather Hall

Leadership Coach

Workshop Participant

“I found your workshop super helpful. I was inspired to look past the idea I have for my “1st book” (the safe, boring business book) to the book I really want to write.”

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Robyn Holloway Life Coach

Robyn Holloway

Life Coach

Workshop Participant

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“It was really interesting to do the exercises. Gave me a great idea for a book that suits my reading style!”