Season 2, Episode 4

How to Create Quality Time for Your Book Project


Notes from this episode:

Throughout Season Two, I’m talking about all the obstacles that keep folks from working on their book project.

In today’s episode, I’m covering how to get UNstuck after an initial, early burst of writing on an idea. This is something I see all the time with first time authors — it’s so normal!  

You’re excited and passionate about your book idea all you want to do is get going! So you do. 

Until you peter out…. In this episode, we talk about how to get back on track by creating a Blueprint for Your Book. 

We talk about 5 key elements of a Blueprint, and how to create them for your book:


1. What’s the point of your book

2. What’s the title of your book

3. What is your table of contents 

4. Who is your reader

5. How will you market and promote this book


If you feel you could use some one-on-one help, we can work through the Blueprint for Your Book process together. It’s these five elements plus much, much more. You will come away with a complete plan for your book including your first chapters — and will be ready to develop your book proposal, or if your plan includes self-publishing, you will be ready to start writing your book!

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