Now, get a D.I.Y. start to your book project! 


You want to commit to publishing your book. And you just need a place to start.


Foundation for Your Book: The Workbook


This new D.I.Y. option is for you if:

~ You’re itching to get started on your book idea

 ~ You have multiple book ideas and want to pick one to focus on

~You’re not sure yet if you want to self-publish or develop a book proposal

~You’re excited about starting your book project but not sure where to start

In this 25 page+ digital workbook you will:

~ Get clear on your book idea & why you must write this book

~ Get to know your ideal reader & how you’ll reach her

~ Identify the right publishing path for you

~ And start to build a plan towards publishing your book



Foundation for Your Book: The Workbook