You have this “big idea” for a book. It’s the successful process you use with your clients every day that’s helping them take giant leaps forward. It’s the concept your podcast and blog are anchored on, and you’re yearning to share it with more people. It’s your area of expertise that really needs to find it’s way beyond your academic circle. This idea is your baby. You feel deeply this idea is meant to be a book, and you are meant to write it. Yet, week after week, and month after month — you’ve been choosing to set it aside. Yes, you have other projects to work on. And yes, there is a global pandemic going on and the world generally seems to be unraveling…. But, this book is calling your name and you’re not doing anything about it. What’s up? There are a few reasons why we don’t prioritize the things that matter to us most. Especially when they require us to tap into our creativity and put ourselves out there. Reason #1: Fear Do you think that if you dig into the work of writing your book proposal, and actually send it off to literary agents, that you will hear crickets and feel like a total and utter failure? Or maybe you suspect it could actually be a success and then you’ll actually have to write the book? Reason #2: Imposter Complex Do you ever say to yourself that you’re not “a real writer”, or you’re not a “real expert” on your book’s topic? What even is a “real writer” anyway? Everyone has to start somewhere. And I’m pretty certain that if you have an area of expertise that you have even considered writing a book about, you have the creds. 🙂 Reason #3: Feeling Overwhelmed Writing a book proposal is a big project. Maybe you thought you knew what to do, but the book you bought or the blog you read got you started, but now you’re feeling stuck someplace like the Table of Content or Marketing Plan and every time you think about your book proposal you feel utterly overwhelmed. You could also be *extra lucky* and have a special mix of a few of these or all three. And you know what, this is all perfectly normal! When we really care about something, it’s scary to prioritize it and put ourselves out there. Doing something big, brings up big feelings. And taking on a complex, challenging project like developing a book proposal is pretty much a recipe for feeling overwhelmed. So what to do about it? How do you take this book proposal that you care so much about OFF the back burner? There are two parts to this process.

Part 1 is to recognize what’s going on here.

Which of the three reasons resonated with you? Is there some fear going on? Imposter Complex popping up? Feeling overwhelmed? Get curious. Ask yourself where these feelings are coming from. Are the things you might be telling yourself accurate? Really?

And, Part 2 is to make some changes.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, what can you do differently to make it feel lighter? Is it time to ask for some professional help with your project? Or find a community of aspiring authors to connect with? If it’s fear or Imposter Complex keeping you stuck, what might be some practices you could work into your day to help you manage these experiences? Do both of those and I can bet your book proposal will be back to being the priority it’s meant to be.