You know how some people have a really phenomenal book ideabut never seem to get around to doing anything about it? 

…Well, I help them do something about it.

I’m Vanessa Soto and I work with first-time authors who feel called to share their ideas and expertise in the form of a nonfiction book.

 At some point every aspiring author feels overwhelmed by the idea of putting together a book proposal.

She wonders if her idea is “good enough”, if she is “expert enough”, or if her platform is “big enough”.


It’s beyond common. It’s normal!


So if publishing your book is calling your name …. let’s normalize those feelings so you can ask for help to make it happen.

With my friend and business mentor, Jo Casey.

I’ve always been a “words person”. I dabbled in writing as a high school journalist, but I felt more at home editing and leading others as the editor-in-chief.

After college, I fully intended to move to New York City to become a magazine editor.

But, as it happens in life, I got sidetracked and landed in advertising where I spent 20 years launching marketing campaigns for blue-chip brands, which I draw on now when helping you craft your marketing plan.

Along the way, I also pursued my passion for personal development and trained as a life and career coach, making me uniquely capable of supporting you through the emotional ups and downs of a book proposal project.

And if anything will sharpen your project management skills, it’s being a single, working mom. Have I mentioned I’ll be leading you through four months of work on a 50-70 page proposal, with bi-weekly deadlines?

A little more about me…

  •  I live in Vallejo, California—just a ferry ride away from San Francisco. It’s a smallish town with lots of Old California history known for it’s wealth of vintage Victorians and semi-famous rappers.  

  • When I’m not coaching, I’m probably reading! I just finished Dodie Smith’s 1948 novel I Capture the Castle which has been experiencing a resurgence. It’s a charmer!  What’s on your book pile?
  • I’m the mother to one college-aged daughter, Annie, and auntie to our senior citizen rescue doggie, Clarisse.
  • I’m a beginner gardener, beginner sewist, and an advanced beginner cook. I’m also a recovering “person who prefers to be an expert at things”.
  • I’m a self-professed personal development junkie—my favorite teachers are Tanya Geisler and Kate Swoboda aka “Kate Courageous”, and their work tends to inform the emotional side of my coaching.

With Annie and our very poor selfie skills on display.

A few “official” things about me…

I’m proud to be an Author Accelerator Certified book coach.

I also have over 25 years of experience in digital marketing and am certified as a life and career coach through the Courageous Coach Certification Program.

I graduated from the University of California at Berkeley where I majored in American Pop Culture. (Yep, it’s a real major. And I might add, not a bad one for someone who landed in advertising and then book coaching!)

I do this work because I love books AND because I love to help others expand what’s possible for them.

Wondering if working with a book coach could help you?

Schedule a 30-minute consult and we can talk about your writing project, your goals, and more.

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