Go from “I have this book idea”—to pitch-ready proposal.


Hello! I’m Vanessa Soto, book proposal coach to first-time nonfiction authors.


I work with creative, accomplished individuals — emerging thought-leaders who have something powerful to say, and they want to say it in the form of a nonfiction book.

Something my authors tend to share is a deep desire to bring a book into the world that will both — make an impact on others, and expand their own place in the world.

Vanessa Soto, Book Coach

I help aspiring nonfiction authors turn a "big idea" into a polished and effective book proposal they feel confident pitching.

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Let’s get that idea of yours out of your head and out into the world.


You’ve been talking about this book for a while now.

You’ve read all the blogs and ordered all the books on writing a book proposal. (You’ve probably even started writing the book.)

And, you wonder if you should even bother trying — there are so many other “real experts” out there. You catch yourself thinking that you’re not a “real writer”, definitely not “an author”.

Here’s what you need to know:

Questioning yourself. Feeling scared. These feelings are totally normal and incredibly common.


Just thinking about writing a book—it’ll bring up all your sh*t.

As a book coach I give you the support and guidance you need, so you can stay focused on developing your big idea—instead of worrying and questioning yourself.

The book proposal process

Publishing Expertise

Guidance in shaping and honing your idea so it is clear and compelling. A big-picture view of the publishing landscape and marketplace. Editorial feedback every step of the way. Development of a marketing plan for your book.

Book Coaching Support & Cheerleading 

Help getting out of your own way, recognizing when your inner critic or Imposter Complex might be running the show. Encouragement, coaching, and pragmatic support, resources, and solutions to build confidence so you will complete your book proposal.

Step-by-Step Book Proposal Guidance

Writing a book proposal is a complex project that will take place over a number of months. I will define a clear, deadline-driven structure to help you manage your time and effort. I’ll keep an eye on the details, and hold the big picture, so you can focus on doing the work.

Curious about book proposal coaching?